About Loku Jobs

Loku Jobs was established in January 2011. It is a website that is designed to help individuals find their career job by using social media to connect employee and employer. In addition our website will feature various tools to help both job seekers and employers. The website is committed to offering more than just a job, it supports individuals in many aspects of employment.

In this world where some individuals find it hard to make ends meet, there is a need for them to find a job that pays well and one that they enjoy doing. However, with so many people in the same situation and due to the lack of time to find a job they enjoy doing, some people just prefer to find any job or just stay in their current job. Loku Jobs wants to address this issue by connecting job seekers to the most suitable employers and to target individuals who are already in similar roles but desirous of finding a more rewarding job. Furthermore it will aid new graduates in an appropriate job in their relevant fields.

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